A totally not “Hello world!”

Published by , on November 21, 2018.
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Is this thing on?

It should be… it took me 2 days to put it up. It’s still a lot better than having to code the thing myself, bottom up… So please, a round of applause for WordPress and Elementor. You saved me time, and I can work more on my game.

And now, an introduction is in order – I am Andu, a game developer from Bucharest. And your are here probably because you were interested in the dev blog for our upcoming game, “Forgive Me, Father…”. Drop by the comment box below if you feel like introducing yourself too. It will surely help me, since I’ve never did this blogging activity ever before.

Our micro-indie studio living room works on producing this mobile game. I use “Our” because there’s one more person directly involved in this project – Introducing Stefi: The better half of this endeavor. More about who does what will probably be accidentally disclosed in the next posts. (or maybe we haven’t decided yet?)

This blog will follow the progress we make on developing, improving and launching “Forgive Me, Father…”. As you may already know, from our website, we started this game in March 2018, so a big chunk of the game is already done. Of course, upon public demand, I can always reminisce in writing about the early months of development.

And since “the future depends on what you do today”, now I must go back in the lab. We got a game to deliver!