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Published by , on January 13, 2019.
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We started opening up to the world a couple of months ago, and I realised now that we never took the time to give an ample description of the game we’re building. Soooo… here it is: Dear reader… Meet the Game!

“Forgive Me, Father…” is a game about Confessions. You will take the role of a priest, in service of a fictional religion, The Church of Spades. You will listen to the deeds done by the people inhabiting your parish, and decide whether to forgive or punish them.

It’s like Tinder… you approve of what your subject did? You swipe right!

You despise the deed you just read? Swipe left!

It’s all up to you.

But you must be aware of the 7 Deadly Sins. They are represented in the game by the BALANCE stats. Each decision you make will alter this BALANCE, and tip the scales towards an extreme.

Do you forgive thievery and the love of Coin? People will go mad about it and you will probably die.

Do you deny rest to hard working people? They’ll grow diligently mad… and you will probably die.

Do you encourage Envy among your subjects? Guess what’ll happen… yup.. you will probably die.

Balancing the ‘vibe’ in your parish is the most important thing a wise shepherd, you, should do!

Time is another important aspect of the game. Gameplay is split into seasons and days.

Each day you will listen to some confessions. After you confess all the people in the parish, a season will pass.

But why are these important?

Well, certain events in the game will occur after a certain amount of time has passed.

Certain deeds only occur in the Winter, while other only occur in the Summer.

Last but not least, you have your Family to take care of.

Your family is, when you start, composed of your wifey, your daughter, and of course, you! Having a family is costly, and each day that passes, you will have to provide for it by paying an Upkeep.

And here we reached another important topic: Coin! Money was always important, as it is today, and the world in FMF makes no exception.

Each person that comes in your confessionary will pay a tax of 1 Coin. If you’re a disciplined priest, you’ll have no problems managing your Purse.

Now, I know there are a lot of notions about this game, but there’s only one more. The evolution of your parish.

You start in a small Hamlet that doesn’t even have a Church. You hold confessions at the window of your own house. If you play your cards right, this thing will change shortly, and many individuals will join your parish and influence it’s growth. Who knows… maybe one day it will grow to be a renowned City.

This is it, dear Reader. It’s everything I can tell about this game without spoiling the fun in it. I hope it will stimulate your curiosity, cause FMF will be live soon! 😀

Best of wishes