Judge your people, keep the balance, stay alive!

“Forgive Me, Father…” is a premium mobile game which offers you the power to judge.

Assume the mantle of a Priest of Spades, take confessions and decide the fate of the people. Good deeds, bad deeds, secrets, murders, betrayals… all at your fingertips.

The game features a simple swipe mechanic. Swipe right to approve/forgive, or swipe left to disprove/punish the people that visit your confessionary.


The Seven Deadly Sins creep around your parish

Your decisions alter the balance in your parish.

Boast, Avarice, Lust, Anger, Nonchalance, Consumption, Envy

Forgive too much violence, the people will become consumed by Anger.

Punish too much consumption, the people will suffer from malnutrition.

Overwork them, and depression will take over.

Reach any of the extremes, and the people will be the end of you.


Four factions, fighting for control over your parish


Hundreds of unique, balance-altering stories...

Many Deeds to Judge

.. and dozens of naughty parishioners!

Here's our funny trailer...

The story behind the story

Liberty Field is a young indie studio from Bucharest, Romania.

The idea of this game came up in February 2018, when we thought about giving our players the ability to judge deeds. (since people love judging)

So, what better theme than a confessionary to use for that?


Myself, the developer

6 months into development and we were realising we need proper art for this game, so we started looking for an illustrator to help this game. That’s when we met Alex.

Now, lucky us, Alex has a brother that is doing sounds… and we actually needed some sounds too. So it all worked out wonderfully!

Alex - Painter of Faces

Alex, the art guy

Andi - Sound Guru

Andi, the sound guy

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